Juja Senior Schools has a track record of excellent academic success.  Similarly, we place a strong emphasis on developing our student’s personal qualities which they will carry through to their adult lives. We also nurture their various talents, whether that is excelling on the sports field, performing on stage or participating in community projects.  To support this wider development, we offer an extensive range of after-school activities, community initiatives and holiday programmes.
Keeping in mind the innovations of the 21st century, it is worth noting that students today are faced with a future whose demands are high on innovations. This has led us to diversify our curricula and therefore we pride in offering dual curricula:
The International Curriculum—Cambridge Examination Certified Center
The National Curriculum—KNEC Certified
The very best way to find out more about the Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools experience is to visit us, but, in the meantime, I hope our website gives you an insight into the schools and the exceptional quality of the education we offer, with its emphasis on high standards, a broad curriculum, a well-disciplined environment and care for each and every student.

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