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dorms Home Away From Home


Many of our students choose to call Juja a home away from home during the school term. Our boarding facilities provide a clean, spacious and comfortable place where our students are provided with great care from their respective House Mothers. Each dormitory has an experienced House Mother who facilitates the day-to-day operations of living at the school and cares for the children’s well- being while they are on the school compound. Each dormitory is fitted with solar panels to ensure heated showers that make them homely. The school also has a generator for emergency power supply in the event of any disruption.
Our dormitories provide secure accommodation to the pupils, and are fitted with appropriate resources that enhance health and safety in these areas.
Students are housed according to gender and age group ensuring that they are surrounded by their peers.


We encourage our pupils to wash their personal items as a way of fostering responsibility, however laundry facilities are available for washing the school uniform and tracksuits.
food Bon Appétit!


Our catering department comprises a team of professionally trained and highly experienced staff to meet our student’s nutritional needs. They provide nutritious and well-balanced meals in line with our school’s wellness policy. Good health is our sole driving force in promoting optimal health and the growth of our pupils. In this light, our food handlers undergo medical examinations at KEMRI every 6 months to ensure sound food handling practices.
We use a cafeteria system of food service, in the multipurpose spacious dining hall, where we serve our pupils freshly-made meals prepared from fresh produce, and our school bakery provides freshly baked bread for breakfast. We provide a selection of fruits depending on seasonal availability. All meat and chicken products served are Halal. We also cater to pupils with special dietary requirements and food allergies.
Remember that one cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well.


We provide a safe transport system that picks our students from different areas every morning and drops them in the late afternoon. Our highly maintained school buses are fitted with safety belts and a first aid kit to ensure the safety of students. Each vehicle has a minder that monitors the students while on transit.
Below are our bus routes:


1 Muigai-inn, Star of Hope, Toll Station, Kays Estate, K.U, Boma, Ruiru, Juja Town, Kareme, Green Fields, Ndarugu, Kanini Farm 11,550 9,240
2 Kimbo, Wankan, Gwa Kairu, Ruiru Town, Bamboo Estate, Mugutha 18,150 14,520
3 Membley, Clayworks, Kihunguro, Peponi School, Mashinani Bypass, Mangu, Witeithie, Corner Bypass, Kizuri, 3 Rings Bypass, Gatongora, Green Estate 21,780 17,424
4 Kahawa Sukari, Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Barracks, Githurai 45, Thika Town, SEction 9, Riverside Estate, Ngoingwa Estate, Maki Estate, Bendo Estate, Thika Greens 23,600 18,880
5 Kasarani, Zimmerman, Kestemil, Mount Laverna, Sportsview, Roysambu, Munene Estate, Kiboko, Makongeni, Isipe, Jacaranda Estate, Kiamumbi, Kahawa West, Chania Gardens 24,200 19,360
6 Safari Park, Eden Ville, Thindigua, Roasters, Green Garden, Thome, Ngumba Estate, Uchumi Jipange,G.S.U, Landless, Ridgeways, Garden Estate, Kiambu 26,400 20,900


Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools offers of a stocked infirmary to look after the basic health and safety needs of our students. This is led by a professionally trained Registered Clinical Officer (RCO). In the event of ill-health, the nurse will be right there. For more serious cases, parents will be notified and if needed, the nearest hospital is just a three minutes drive away. Parents are urged to discuss any pre-existing health conditions, allergies or concerns about their child’s health with the school through the Registered Clinical Officer.


We adhere to children’s rights and child protection protocols. All measures are in place to ensure safety in school. This includes inside In classrooms, science labs, the swimming pool, Sports Academy and throughout the School. Safety is fundamental and comes first.