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Sospeter Misiko
Mr. Sospeter Misiko is passionate about changing lives and creating a long lasting impact in the lives of the youth. With more than a decade in leadership position in educational institutions he plights himself in working in partnership with students and parents to ensure high standards of achievement, in a caring, secure and supportive environment.
As a parent, he understands the importance of a high standards of education for our children and the part that teachers play in enabling children to develop and learn in order to prepare them to play their part as global citizens and future leaders.
“I believe that it is my responsibility to maintain and to continue to build a supportive and collaborative spirit at our school. Together as a school community, we will build on the traditions of the past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative and exciting ways.”


Juja Senior School is delighted and honored that you are considering us for your child’s secondary education. As an interested partner in fostering your child’s holistic development, we look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education. At Juja Senior School, we accept admissions throughout the year based on availability. We conduct an assessment to determine what class your child would be best suited and advise on level of placement.


We offer the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum from Year 7 to 11. Candidates sit for their IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11.
Students in the lower years (Year 7, 8, and 9) study all the subjects offered. From Year 10, studies become more focused as we prepare our students for their examinations. These include core subjects: Mathematics, English, Science; and selection of other subjects in the Humanities and Technical areas to create a diverse curriculum.
Selection of subjects is vital in the success of our students, and to achieve this our students, teachers and parents work together and select subjects best suited towards that student. We take into consideration the student’s academic ability and their aspirations and possible future careers. The school calendar runs from September to July, divided into 3 terms consisting of 12 weeks each.
Core and Extended Curriculum
To further tailor this curriculum to our students needs, we offer both the Core and Extended curricula. We internally asses each student’s academic abilities, and through consultation with parents decide on curricula that can best support the needs of each student. For students that require extra support, we offer the core curriculum in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and French. The Extended curriculum is standard curriculum available to students. We encourage and support all of our students to maintain a high academic standard regardless of the student’s ability.


Transition from 8-4-4
Some of the students we enroll in Year 7 and 8 were previously enrolled in the Kenyan 8-4-4 education system. Similarly, we have also enrolled students who have done well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations into Year 9. We conduct an assessment and determine appropriate placement for each student, ensuring we support their academic needs and develop their abilities.

Aviation at Juja

Through our partnership with the Kenya School of Flying, we have presented our students with an expansive platform to pursue careers in the aviation industry as pilots. We encourage our students with a passion for flying to pursue professional careers in aviation while simultaneously receiving their secondary school education.

Student Life

Our students experience vibrant student life filled with various activities.

Juja Sports Academy

The school boasts of expansive space to provide sporting facilities for physical education and sporting activities. We encourage our students to lead an active lifestyle to promote good health as well as teach out students a healthy competitive spirit.
  • Football Field
  • Astro Turf Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
To learn more about Juja Sports Academy




We offer comfortable and safe boarding facilities for our students.



A professionally trained Registered Clinical Officer resides on the school compound.



We offer safe and reliable transportation to our Day Scholars.



We provide nutritious and balanced meals to our students.



We provide a Learning Resource Center to encourage independent study as well as group learning. We strive to promote a reading and research culture preparing out students for life after secondary school. Students have access to online resources to enable them to expand beyond what they learn in class and embrace continuous learning. Our library is stocked with materials that complement the respective curricula and also have materials for recreational reading. We subscribe to newspapers and educational magazines to keep our students informed on current events and emerging developments. To improve on our reading culture, we celebrate reading by organizing special activities like Library Day. This annual event aims at highlighting literary works and renowned authors.


Computer Laboratory

At Juja Senior School we expose our students to technology and enhance their computer skills to enable them to succeed in a competitive technological world. Our computer laboratory is connected to the internet and modern computers that meet the needs of their studies and enable them to research various topics to augment what is taught in the classroom. In an evolving world where education platforms are changing and moving towards a digital platform, our school is keeping track of these advancements to ensure the delivery of this component is incorporated into our learning instruction.


Science Lab

To enhance the learning experience in the sciences, JSS has a fully equipped science lab which complements the science curriculum. The lab provides the opportunity for our students to learn how to safely handle laboratory equipment and delve into the world of science through practical experiments. Here, they enhance their scientific skills and perspective. This is where science becomes exciting for the students as they explore the scientific field and learn about research while they develop an inquisitive mind.


Events Calendar 2020

Below are some of our activities and events for the 2020 academic year

SUNDAY 5THOpening Day – Boarders (Report by 5:00 p.m.)
MONDAY 6THDay Scholars – (Report by 7:15 a.m.)
TUESDAY 7TH Form 1 Opening Day (Report by 3:00 p.m.)
THURSDAY 9THJoint Worship Service
SATURDAY 18THForm 4 “Way Forward” Parents’ Meeting
SATURDAY 25TH Scouts Hiking Trip— Karen
SATURDAY 25TH New Parents’ Orientation – 9:00 a.m.
FRIDAY 31ST Year 7, 8, 9 and Form 1, 2 visit to CEMASTEA
SATURDAY 1STSwimming Gala & Visiting Day – 9:00 a.m.
MONDAY 10THMidterm exams
TUESDAY 11THMidterm exams
WEDNESDAY 12THMidterm exams
THURSDAY 13THMidterm exams
FRIDAY 14THMidterm exams
SATURDAY 15THMidterm break
SATURDAY 15THSaturday 22nd – Form 4 Geography / History trip to Coast & Western
SUNDAY 23RDBoarder report back after half term
MONDAY 24THDay scholars report by 7.15am
SUNDAT 8THFamily Worship
FRIDAY 13THForm 3 & 4; Year 10 & 11 trip to Safaricom Centre
TUESDAY 17THForm 3 & 4 Agriculture trip to University of Nairobi

FRIDAY 3RDClosing Day
SUNDAY 26TH School Opening Day (Boarders)
MONDAY 27TH School Opening Day (Day Schoolers)

Please feel free to call us on 0724 256050 / 0735 826204 or send us an email to info@jujapreparatory.ac.ke for more information. We will respond.

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