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Juja Senior Schools

Mr. Sospeter Misiko is passionate about changing lives and creating a long lasting impact in the lives of the youth. With more than a decade in leadership position in educational institutions he plights himself in working in partnership with students and parents to ensure high standards of achievement, in a caring, secure and supportive environment.
He delights himself in creating a very strong team of able and dedicated teachers and a close-knit family atmosphere where everyone works together for the benefit of the students. He believes in providing a personalised education for students as he recognises that every child is unique. Exposing students to a variety of opportunities for them to discover their talents and area of specialization is his key focus.
As a parent, he understands the importance of a high standards of education for our children and the part that teachers play in enabling children to develop and learn in order to prepare them to play their part as global citizens and future leaders.
“I believe that it is my responsibility to maintain and to continue to build a supportive and collaborative spirit at our school. Together as a school community, we will build on the traditions of the past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative and exciting ways.”
Sospeter Misiko
Senior School Principal, Mr. Sospeter Misiko


Juja Senior School is delighted and honored that you are considering us for your child’s secondary school education. As an invested partner in fostering your child’s holistic development, we look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education. At Juja Senior School, we accept admissions throughout the year based on availability. We conduct an assessment to determine what class your child would be best suited and advise on level of placement.


Juja Senior School offers The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education popularly known as the 8-4-4 Curriculum. This is a 4-year course that is developed by The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development-KICD and taught in public schools in Kenya. In addition, we offer International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum. The Dean of Studies monitors and ensures effective implementation of the curriculum.
The office works with the examinations office in administering, analyzing and interpreting examination results and preparing academic progress reports of students. These reports can be accessed online or through a written report form signed by the class teacher and the school principal.
The Dean of Studies office also works with the guidance and counseling department on students’ subject selections, career choices, university/college applications. In addition, the office organizes career days by inviting seasoned professionals to motivate and inspire our students. The students are exposed to university fairs, trade fairs, career workshops, debates, contests, symposiums among other educational events both within and outside school premises. Parents are also invited for yearly consultation on students’ academic progress.
The school is privileged to have a pool of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are examiners with Kenya National Examinations Council. External examiners and speakers are normally invited to motivate, reinforce and complement the subject tutors.


Subject Selection


We offer 16 examinable subjects at Juja Senior School including Aviation. Subjects are selected with the guidance of subject teachers and selection is done at the end of Form 2.
For years we have achieved impressive results due to the commitment and dedication of our students, teaching and support staff. We believe in our collective abilities to create a conducive learning environment for students to explore their academic abilities, and encourage them to achieve their goals through hard work.

Aviation at Juja

Through our partnership with the Kenya School of Flying, we have presented our students with an expansive platform to pursue careers in the aviation industry as pilots. We encourage our students with a passion for flying to pursue professional careers in aviation while simultaneously receiving their secondary school education.
In this respect, many of our students have successfully completed their Form 4 and qualified as pilots. The aviation department qualifies this through its two unique programs:
Aviation Technology as a Subject
Students are taught the national curriculum as guided by their KCSE curriculum syllabus for a period of four years before they are presented to Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) for Aviation Technology theory and practical exams.
All students in Form 1 and 2 are given opportunity to pursue aviation as subject a subject of interest after which the subject is made optional to those interested in pursuing it further to candidate level.
Fly Young Program
This program is meant to nurture keen interest and enthusiastic students who are aspiring to have careers as pilots, at their tender age whilst pursuing their secondary education.
The following is the pilot training arrangement for aviation students


1st Year Form 1 / Year 8 / Year 9 Familiarization flights to initiate interest for those who would like to pursue pilot training.
2nd Year Form 2 / Year 9 Assessments: Undergo aviation medical examination from KCAA Approved Medical Examiners Undertake flight assessment test conducted by Kenya School of Flying
 Form 2 / Year 10 1st session of ground school instructions conducted at Kenya School of Flying (KSF)
2nd session of ground school instruction conducted at KSF
3rd Year  Form 3 / Year 10 3rd session of ground school instruction conducted at KSF
Flight Training Requirements: +17 years of age by 31st July in their 3rd year of study
 Form 3 Completion of Training: Minimum of 45 hours cumulative flight time. Attempt KCAA licensing examination prior to commencement of 4th year
4th Year  Form 4 (December) Final Exam. Completion of ground school syllabus and preparation and attempt KCAA licensing examinations.
process Events Outside the Classroom



We provide a Learning Resource Center to encourage independent study as well as group learning. We strive to promote a reading and research culture preparing out students for life after secondary school.
Students have access to online resources to enable them to expand beyond what they learn in class and embrace continuous learning. Our library is stocked with materials that complement the respective curricula and also have materials for recreational reading. We subscribe to newspapers and educational magazines to keep our students informed on current events and emerging developments.
To improve on our reading culture, we celebrate reading by organizing special activities like Library Day. This annual event aims at highlighting literary works and renowned authors.

Computer Laboratory

At Juja Senior School we expose our students to technology and enhance their computer skills to enable them to succeed in a competitive technological world. Our computer laboratory is connected to the internet and modern computers that meet the needs of their studies and enable them to research various topics to augment what is taught in the classroom.
In an evolving world where education platforms are changing and moving towards a digital platform, our school is keeping track of these advancements to ensure the delivery of this component is incorporated into our learning instruction.

Sciences Lab

To enhance the learning experience in the sciences, JSS has a fully equipped science lab which complements the science curriculum. The lab provides the opportunity for our students to learn how to safely handle laboratory equipment and delve into the world of science through practical experiments.
Here, they enhance their scientific skills and perspective. This is where science becomes exciting for the students as they explore the scientific field and learn about research while they develop an inquisitive mind.

Juja Sports Academy

The school boasts of expansive space to provide sporting facilities for physical education and sporting activities. We encourage our students to lead an active lifestyle to promote good health as well as teach out students a healthy competitive spirit.
  • Football Field
  • Rugby Pitch
  • Astro Turf Field
  • Volleyball Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
To learn more about Juja Sports Academy
dorms Home Away From Home


Many of our students choose to call Juja a home away from home during the school term. Our boarding facilities provide a clean, spacious and comfortable place where our students are provided with great care from their respective House Mothers. Each dormitory has an experienced House Mother who facilitates the day-to-day operations of living at the school and cares for the children’s well- being while they are on the school compound. Each dormitory is fitted with solar panels to ensure heated showers that make them homely. The school also has a generator for emergency power supply in the event of any disruption.
Our dormitories provide secure accommodation to the pupils, and are fitted with appropriate resources that enhance health and safety in these areas.
Students are housed according to gender and age group ensuring that they are surrounded by their peers.
We encourage our pupils to wash their personal items as a way of fostering responsibility, however laundry facilities are available for washing the school uniform and tracksuits.
food Bon Appétit!


The catering department, a team of professionally trained and highly experienced staff to meet our goals. We serve a well balanced menu that emphasizes on the rule of 3, that is vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. The staff undergo a food handler’s medical examination at KEMRI after every 6 months. We have a bakery that ensures that we always have freshly baked bread for breakfast. Our vegetables are also fresh, right from the market. All our meat and chicken products are Halal. Our clients’ (students) satisfaction is our greatest achievement. We use cafeteria system of service. Our menu is very accommodating to students with allergies and other special needs. We also Offer Barbecue to winning houses once in a while. We look forward to sharing this experience with new students.


JSS has a safe transport system that picks students from their homes every morning and drops them in the late afternoon. Our highly maintained school buses are fitted with safety belts and other first-aid materials that ensure the safety of our students. Each bus has a minder that monitors the students while on transit. Below are our bus routes:


1 Muigai-inn, Star of Hope, Toll Station, Kays Estate, K.U, Boma, Ruiru, Juja Town, Kareme, Green Fields, Ndarugu, Kanini Farm 11,550 9,240
2 Kimbo, Wankan, Gwa Kairu, Ruiru Town, Bamboo Estate, Mugutha 18,150 14,520
3 Membley, Clayworks, Kihunguro, Peponi School, Mashinani Bypass, Mangu, Witeithie, Corner Bypass, Kizuri, 3 Rings Bypass, Gatongora, Green Estate 21,780 17,424
4 Kahawa Sukari, Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Barracks, Githurai 45, Thika Town, SEction 9, Riverside Estate, Ngoingwa Estate, Maki Estate, Bendo Estate, Thika Greens 23,600 18,880
5 Kasarani, Zimmerman, Kestemil, Mount Laverna, Sportsview, Roysambu, Munene Estate, Kiboko, Makongeni, Isipe, Jacaranda Estate, Kiamumbi, Kahawa West, Chania Gardens 24,200 19,360
6 Safari Park, Eden Ville, Thindigua, Roasters, Green Garden, Thome, Ngumba Estate, Uchumi Jipange,G.S.U, Landless, Ridgeways, Garden Estate, Kiambu 26,400 20,900


Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools offers of a stocked infirmary to look after the basic health and safety needs of our students. This is led by a professionally trained Registered Clinical Officer (RCO). In the event of ill-health, the nurse will be right there. For more serious cases, parents will be notified and if needed, the nearest hospital is just a three minutes drive away. Parents are urged to discuss any pre-existing health conditions, allergies or concerns about their child’s health with the school through the Registered Clinical Officer.
Insurance The school provides a group personal accident cover for all students. However, please you may provide details of your child’s medical cover to the administration. Safety We adhere to children’s rights and child protection protocols. All measures are in place to ensure safety in school. This includes inside In classrooms, science labs, the swimming pool, Sports Academy and throughout the School. Safety is fundamental and comes first.

Events Calendar 2020

Below are some of our activities and events for the 2020 academic year

SUNDAY 5THBoarders report by 5.00pm
MONDAY 6THDay scholars report by 7.15am
TUESDAY 7TH Form 1 report by 3.00pm
THURSDAY 9THJoint Service
SATURDAY 18THNew parents’ orientation, 9am
SATURDAY 25TH Scouts Hiking in Karen
FRIDAY 31ST Year 7,8,9 and Form 1,2 visit to CEMASTEA
SATURDAY 1STSwimming Gala from 9.00am
MONDAY 10THFriday 14th – Midterm exams
SATURDAY 15THMidterm break
SATURDAY 15THSaturday 22nd – Form 4 Geography / History trip to Coast & Western
SUNDAY 23RDBoarder report back after half term
MONDAY 24THDay scholars report by 7.15am
4TH - 13THROMEMUN 2020 Conference
SUNDAT 8THFamily Worship
FRIDAY 13THForm 3 & 4; Year 10 & 11 trip to Safaricom Centre
TUESDAY 17THForm 3 & 4 Agriculture trip to University of Nairobi
FRIDAY 3RDClosing Day
SUNDAY 26TH School Opening Day (Boarders)